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User rights & Security

Trusted collaboration


  • Location

    To meet your legal requirements data can be stored in the U.S. or the EU
  • Data protection

    Compliant with the US - EU Safe Harbor frameworks
  • Secure connections

    Data encrypted iwith high-grade SSL with 256-bit AES

User rights & access

  • Permissions

    Granular file and user permissions across internal and external teams
  • IP level protection

    Prevent users to connect outside authorized facilities
  • Timestamped activity logs

    Track users'activity to ensure protection, awareness and usage


  • On Premise

    Install on your own servers for full control of all security parameters
  • Private cloud

    Install Nextways' Enterprise Content Management, contact our sales team
  • Install

    Our professional services team is available to get you started


  • Versions of files are automatically created and stored

  • View all previous versions and meta-data in one click

  • Previews are also saved along with previous versions

File protection

  • Prevent files from being over written while editing

  • Load your files in your private folder while until it is ready to share

  • Preset shared folder makes sharing with stakeholders a breeze